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Biological Terrain?

"When a plant's leaves are turning brown, you don't paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated our bodies the same way.” Dr Frank Lipman

All cells are found in the same environment - the extracellular fluid - the internal environment of the body, also known as the Biological Terrain.

If the cell is operating normally, it will go through a process of depolarization, reaching, for example, 10mV. As a consequence, potassium enters the intracellular medium to the point of causing hyperpolarization to -90mV or -110mV, with an immediate re-equilibration for a range of -90mV to -70mV.

However, when there is no equilibrium in the content of the extracellular medium, namely salts, minerals and amino acids, the cell is not allowed to repolarize to the correct values: this is the starting point for many imbalances that ultimately lead to disease.

A healthy cell is a cell in which the amount of ions that exist inside and outside the cell create a balance so that the cell can carry out its normal metabolic functions.

However, the cell can have two types of variation/shift: alkaline cell/acidic medium or acidic cell/alkaline medium.

Acid Medium vs. Alkaline Medium

For acidosis to occur in the cell, an exchange of ions takes place so that inside the cell it becomes acidic and outside the cell it becomes alkaline. Degeneration and cell death occur.

On the other hand, when cellular alkalosis occurs, we emphasize the membrane potential that lowers due to the movement of charges. Outside the cell, we have an extremely poor, acidic extracellular environment that leads to cell division.

How to access it?

What really matters is the terrain and when we measure it we have control over our body, gaining an internal electrical vision that nobody has given us so far.  It is often said that illnesses are silent, when in fact we are the ones who do not know how to hear them. This is the tool that allows you to "listen" to the initial phase of the disease, in the phase of electrical input.

BTA (Biological Terrain Analysis) is an evolution of Vincent's method (having been used for over 40 years and tested in more than 60,000 cases) which consists of analyzing the 3 main fluids in our body (small samples of BLOOD, SALIVA AND URINE), in order to determine the internal environment of the body. All metabolic cellular exchanges depend on these fluids, as well as the supply of food to the cells and the elimination of residues generated by the cellular activity.

This methodology evaluates the electrical parameters, defining the ratios of acidity (pH), oxidation (rH2) and electrical resistance (R). Unlike conventional medicine, which deals specifically with chemical and structural study, bioelectronics concentrates on electrical and electromagnetic factors, presenting an instrument of different scope and complement of other methods.

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