About Nuno

Nuno Nina has extensive experience in the field of Integrative Medicine. With degrees in Decisional Systems Engineering, Mathematics applied to Operational Research and Naturopathy, Nuno founded and is the director of IM-Integrative Medicine Clinic in Lisbon.

Nuno Nina has been deeply involved in the electromedicine field, having developed medical devices and his clinic served as a model for many scattered around the world.

Nuno contributed to the creation of TimeWaver Frequency and Healy, being responsible for the development of frequencies (known as Gold Cycle).

Together with a large number of medical doctors and therapists, Nuno supervised more than 42,000 patients over 15 years, including several public figures, even some renowned international athletes. There are currently thousands of doctors and therapists around the world using his methodology.

Nuno Nina’s latest research has revolved around water as the basis for the success of any treatment and led to the creation of CellPower Water®. CellPower Water is the result of several investigations carried out by him and his team in recent decades. Using his excellent knowledge in engineering and biochemistry, Nuno Nina has been able to develop water with unique, ideal properties:

  • high negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential)
  • rH2 lower than 10
  • active hydrogen
  • neutral pH
  • biominerals

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