Nuno Healthy Tips - Using Healy To Cure The Body

healthy tips healy Jul 13, 2021
[Nuno Nina Healthy Tips]
Using Healy to help “cure” the body with the same philosophy of modern medicine - ie. deal with the symptom and not with the root of the problem - is a huge mistake I see happening over and over again.
When the focus is on the symptom presented (eg, a sick spleen), rather than understanding that the problem arises because the whole body is sick, although there may be some short term relief, long term solutions come from balancing the whole body.
For this reason, my approach is always to create a new environment, working especially on the kidneys and lungs responsible for the body’s electrolytic balance.

Healy came to restore the balance of our organism. We need to let the body do the rest of the work.


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