Frequencies are the key to cellular communication


"What keeps us alive is not matter, but a sublime electrical current." Nuno Nina

Many of you already use treatment devices with frequencies such as TimeWaver Frequency or Healy. However, questions always arise about how to get the most benefit from these devices.

It is the existence of a coherent electrical current in our body that allows us to be alive and, more than that, our health depends on it. The function of TimeWaver Frequency and Healy is precisely to force the charges (positive and negative ions) to return to the correct locations by applying electrical current, in order to achieve the ideal cell membrane potential for the cell to do its job.


The membrane potential

At the cellular level, plasma membrane potential is the difference in electrical potential or voltage between the inside and outside of the cell. This potential is determined by the uneven distribution of ions between the cytoplasm and the extracellular environment.


All chronic diseases and most acute diseases are directly caused at the cellular level, in a breakdown of electrical current that is manifested by a decrease in cell membrane potential, a theory advocated by scientists such as Dr. Robert O. Becker and O. Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom (Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee).​​

In a healthy and young cell, its electrical potential voltage is typically between -70 and -90mV which ensures energy production from mitochondria and protein synthesis can be transported through the cell membrane (Cheng et al., 1982; Mannheimer JS, 2005; Wolcott LE et al., 1969).


With advancing age and in the course of a disease, this electrical potential decreases to -40 or -50mV - the so-called cellular aging - and, similarly, pain, inflammation, edema or ischemia can occur even as it decreases up to -15mV.


This value is the threshold at which the cell undergoes cancerous mutation, the potential is so reduced that this, due to its pure instinct for survival, will begin to multiply uncontrollably.

The role of frequencies

The frequencies developed by Nuno Nina (Gold Cycle and many others) seek to restore the membrane's electrical potential acting in the biological terrain

The concept is not to kill (bacteria, viruses, cancer, etc.) because, apart from a primitive process, it has no long-term effects. The aim is to create a biological terrain - or, in other words, an extracellular environment - in which viruses and bacteria cannot develop, in which cells do not divide and which allows cells to restore and maintain their healthy electrical potential.

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