"Our Body Only Understand Frequencies If There Is Water In It."

Nuno Nina

Water has the incredible ability to be the interface between the electrical world and our body: it decodes frequencies so that our bodies understand them.

Water, in addition to acting as a facilitator for the passage of electrical current, is a universal receiver of frequencies. Therefore, its consumption in sufficient quantities is essential to obtain better results with electrotherapy.

Any water have this role? Yes, although there are better waters than others, as we will explain below.


The Properties of Ideal Water


There are two important processes: oxidation and reduction.

Ideally, water should have the negative oxi-reduction potential, thus presenting a reducing capacity.


The pH, although widely known, is a property that varies with temperature and in many measurements, this is not considered. The pH scale is set to 25°C, while measurements should be taken at 37°C which is body temperature.

By this, we mean that a pH “correction coefficient” must be done, and when we say that we have slightly alkaline blood, it is actually neutral or slightly acidic.

The ideal water should be neutral (7) or slightly acidic. And why “slightly acidic”? Because, based on what we said earlier, it is with values ​​below 7 that it becomes truly neutral.



The rH2 is a somewhat complex concept, but - as Nuno Nina says - “it's the ongoing pH”.


The rH2 also has a scale and the ideal rH2 value for our biological terrain is between 22 and 28. However, this value always tends to rise.


A high rH2 is an oxidation process above normal, so if we drink a very reducing water (rH2 less than 10) we will be able to bring the biological terrain values to the ideal range.


The TDS value is important because if there is no impedance in the body where the current will pass, it will pass uncontrolled.

If there is an excess of TDS, the current will pass uncontrolled and more than supposed.


The lower the TDS value, the better the water (between 20-50mg/L).

The ideal water

Considering all these properties, is there such ideal water? Well, as Nuno Nina didn't find it, he decided to create it.


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